Stakeholder Engagement

Nicki Souter Associates offer a bespoke, high-quality and complete stakeholder engagement service. We can provide a team of experienced and skilled staff to communicate key resource management messages or to carry out surveys with your target audience as well as provide other types of hands-on monitoring support.  NSA has been delivering these services for over 7 years for varied purposes and clients.



A team of officers can deliver a variety of engagement work depending on your needs. This may be with:

  • Householders on their door-step
  • The general public at roadshows or in public spaces
  • Other targeted groups such as business owners

The complete service includes:

  • Route planning of properties/ premises for engagement
  • Design and production of supporting communication materials (optional)
  • Agreed script delivered to target audience confidently, succinctly and professionally by trained staff
  • Distribution of materials and resources where necessary
  • Recording of key comments, issues or other necessary information
  • Supervision and monitoring by Project Manager
  • Regular and final reporting



A team of officers can carry out face-to-face or telephone surveys with householders, the general public or other targeted groups.

The complete service includes:

  • Stratification of population or group to ensure a representative sample
  • Design and testing of survey
  • Confident and impartial delivery of survey and recording of survey data using tablet PCs by trained staff
  • Daily project management and data cleaning
  • Survey analysis using QPSMR and Excel
  • Detailed reporting of method, survey findings and recommendations



Officers can deliver monitoring support to measure the impact of your intervention. As well as quantitative surveys other types of monitoring support NSA offer include:

  • LEAMS and litter count surveys
  • Participation and set-out bin monitoring
  • Fill-level and contamination bin monitoring
  • Observational analysis to measure public use of a new scheme
  • Recording of anecdotal or qualitative feedback to provide more in-depth feedback


Feedback from Clients

“Nicki’s team worked with ourselves and Zero Waste Scotland to achieve mutually agreed outcomes, providing us with a wealth of quantitative and qualitative data which will assist us in planning our future service provision and in targeting areas for improvement. The quality of their engagement work is reflected in the service improvements which have been observed as a result.” Dundee City Council


“The NSA team has worked professionally and diligently and demonstrated an understanding of the Council’s requirements to deliver this project. I would have no hesitation in recommending NSA to other Local Authorities” Aberdeen City Council

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